Aqua Life 5.5 Elite Premium

With its superior length, the Aqua Life 5.5 Elite Premium is a spacious swim spa, plunge pool, hydrotherapy spa and exercise centre combined, offering total fitness and relaxation. Featuring the Pro Swim system, the Aqua Life 5.5 incorporates a comfortable semi lounger seat for full a body massage after an invigorating swim.

Product Details

The Aqua Life 5.5 Elite Premium model is fitted with a variable speed drive to give you total control of the counter current swimming jet speed.

Featuring four Turbo jets, with the addition of a variable speed drive, creating an extremely powerful current of up to 2,860 gallons a minute with virtually no water turbulence or air bubbles.


Technical Specifications

Capacity 3 seats and 1 louger
Dimensions 5500mm x 2350mm x 1290mm
Water Capacity 6900 Litres
Power Supply 41 amp, 230V – 50 Hz / 20 amp, 380V – 50 Hz, TÜV certified
Shell Aristech shell in Sterling Silver, Ocean Wave or Pearl Shadow
Cabinet Maintenance free UV resistant synthetic wood in Dark Grey or Mocha
Weight Dry
Control System Gecko IN.YE5 Control system, IN.K806 bar top control
Heater 3kW heater
Jets 4 Turbo counter current jets with a 10 speed variable speed drive, producing up to 2,860 gallons output per minute, 45 high power hydrotherapy jets with stainless steel escutcheons
Lighting Underwater LED lighting, multi point perimeter and bar top LED lighting system
Pump 10 speed variable speed drive: 2 x 3.5hp variable speed pumps, 2 x 3hp one speed pumps
Circulation Pump Dedicated 0.35hp circulation pump
Filtration Easy to clean in-spa filtration system, 2 x single high-efficient Blue Filter
Ozone System High efficient mixed ozone sanitisation
Optional Extras Colour matched steps, in.Stream bluetooth transducer music system, in.Touch
remote communication system, stainless steel support bars
Certificate of Approval CE, SAA

Optional Extras

Colour Matched Triple Steps

Single Stainless Steel Support Bar

Swim Pole system inc stainless steel base, fit during install 

Roll Up Cover

4 Seasons Enclosure

Transducer speaker music system with sub woofer and IN.STREAM blue tooth 

For complete pool control from anywhere in the world add the IN.TOUCH remote wifi communication system


Aqua Life Diagrams

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Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

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There are a range of covers available for your Riptide Product as well as many different cover lifters and devices to help you remove and replace your cover with ease.

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