The Aqua Bike

The AQUA BIKE provides a 2 in 1 solution of a personal hot tub cabin with aqua biking exercise.

Aqua Bike Product Details

The combination of the hydro massage and cycling create a more effortless form of exercise with incredible results. While you are pedalling and burning calories your body and muscles are
relaxing so the tension and pressure is less but the results are amazing with a 45 minute session burning over 800 calories.

The AQUA BIKE concept is already established and very popular in France, Italy and other European Countries as well as the UAE and United States.

“When the 40 minutes are up, I’m exhausted. My face is bright red,  I’ve worked up a serious sweat, and my legs are like jelly. But I also feel invigorated, every part of my body is alive, and I feel on top of the world.”


Technical Specifications

Capacity 1 seat
Dimensions 2,200mm x 1,200mm x 1100mm
Water Capacity 470 Litres
Power Supply 13 amp, 230V – 50 Hz, TÜV certified
Shell Available in Light Blue, Purple or Gold
Weight Dry/ Filled 156kg / 626kg
Control System Aqua Smart H2205
Control Panel
Heater 1.5kw heater
Jets Stainless steel jet Standard
Lighting Multi-colour lighting system
Pump 2Hp
Circulation Pump
Ozone System Standard
Optional Extras
Warranty 8 Year Limited Warranty


5 years limited Warranty


Aqua Bike Diagrams #1

Aqua Bike Diagrams #2

Aqua Bike Brochure

View the AQUA BIKE in action…


Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

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