Riptide Jets

Swim jets or counter currents push water towards the swimmer to offer resistance to swim against, effectively allowing the swimmer to swim on the spot. Each Swimmer varies in ability and also swimmers will swim faster or slower depending on stroke. For example crawl is a more stream lined discipline than say breast stroke. Some swimmers suffer with poor style which may result in the need for a more buoyant swim jet. Whatever your ability or style at Riptide there is a counter current that will deliver you a great exercise experience

Round Jets

Round jets are the most basic counter currents and we feature these on our fun or family exercise pools. Round jets deliver a great deal of power but some swimmers would describe the swim experience as a little choppy whilst others hardly notice.

When swimming against round jets you will get the best experience if you wear swim googles. Round jets often give you the option to add air which will increase resistance but at the expense of vision as the air will make seeing underwater a little foggy.

One big advantage of round jets is that you can direct each jet and if say you suffer with sinking then you can put more power into giving you buoyancy rather than just swim resistance. In domestic pools where the name of the game is mainly fun and play round jets are an excellent lower cost choice.

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Wide Mouth Jets

Wide mouth jets provide a much smoother swim experience, this is achieved by spreading the water pressure out in a letter box shape which is considered by many to be much better. Wide mouth jets need a minimum of a dedicated 4hp pump to each jet to work effectively, fitting only 3hp pumps to wide mouth jets will be a very disappointing swim.

Wide mouth jets are not adjustable and again some will come with an option which will increase resistance but at the expense of water clarity. When wide mouth jets are used in a triangle shape then the top 2 will deliver the resistance whilst the lower jet will deliver buoyancy. Wide mouth jets are the choice of modest swimmers who are looking for regular exercise but will also be fun in a domestic fun and play environment.

Pro VSD 10 speed

This is where the swimming really starts to get completive, Pro jets are arranged in a triangle like the wide mouth jets but the top 2 counter currents are operated by a variable speed drive with 10 speeds. Variable speed drives or VSD for short are the swimming equivalent of a dimmer switch for lights. By reducing the power to the inverter we make the pumps run faster or slower depending on your need. For example a youngster swimming breast stroke will require less resistance than an adult swimming crawl and this system allows the water resistance to be increased or reduced as needed.

This system uses standard electric 3hp motors and can still have a choppy feel, but the extra control will allow you to develop your swim style and gain stamina whilst swimming for ever long and long periods.

Turbo Jets

It’s all about the counter-currents

With a variety of jets configurations, Riptide pools produce a powerful counter current to swim against that will challenge even the strongest swimmer.

Great for exercise and fun for the whole family, choose from entry level pools generating up to 1,650 gallons output per minute up to dedicated exercise pools that feature smooth and powerful Turbo jets generating a massive force of water of 2,200 gallons per minute via the fully adjustable, programmable control panel.

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Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

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There are a range of covers available for your Riptide Product as well as many different cover lifters and devices to help you remove and replace your cover with ease.

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