What Is The Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

For centuries, people have used water to wash their bodies and have fun so that they can relieve their pain or stress and feel better. In the modern era, Hot Tubs with advanced technology have made things much easier for us because, in addition to providing therapeutic conditions to improve health, they have created a suitable condition for water relaxation and have pleasure with the family.

If you are a Beta-Wellness spa owner, you may tell yourself you can soak at any temperature as long as you like without any consideration to the standard hot tub temperature, while the correct temperature and usage time directly relate to your experience. You should adjust your hot tub’s water to the ideal temperature for daily routine usage and then enjoy. Beta Wellness will help you to gain a clear insight into this issue. Stay tuned!

How hot should the temperature of your hot tubs be?

Warm water may be a misleading term at first cause it is not clear to people what the desired temperature is precise. According to a scientific study (1), soaking at temperatures above 40 ° Celsius is unhealthy for adults and has harmful effects. Stimulation of the Nervous system, palpitations, Hypertension, and nervous stress in various body parts are among these adverse effects. Thus, based on your age and wellness level, you should adjust the water temperature of the spa tub below the mentioned range to prevent any difficulties.

Unlike conventional bathtubs, in Beta-Wellness spas, it is very user-friendly to adjust the water temperature with the options of products, which means by using the touch-screen spa menu, you can both measure and control the water temperature by yourself. Follow up the rest of this essay to get aware of the ideal temperature in different situations.

The acceptable temperature to relax in your Hot Tub

Usually, temperatures between 38-40 ° Celsius are most comfortable for healthy adults. Although some of us may enjoy unusual temperatures like 32° or 40° Celsius, the standard range is mentioned.

We suggest you set the spa in a low-temperature range first (36-37° Celsius) and then gradually increase it to find out precisely the ideal temperature in your case. The critical point of a fantastic spa experience is finding the best temperature as you wish because that’s all that makes you feel joyful when you’re in the hot tub. Although this temperature is closely related to seasonal conditions, we have mentioned the most important points below.

Adjust the temperature of the spa based on seasonal conditions

  • Best temperature for hot tub in winter
    During the colder months, you may like to set the water temperature higher than usual. Sometimes people feel fresh when coming out from warm water to environment temperature, so they are interested in having an intensive temperature difference between the hot tub and the outside. For instance, if the outside temperature is 20° Celsius, they eager to increase the spa’s temperature to 40 ° to feel that fresh. However, we recommend adjusting the temperature lower than 39° Celsius even in winter.
  • Best temperature for hot tub in summer
    In the hot months or if you live in a region with a relatively warmer climate, it is recommended to set the spa’s temperature below 36° Celsius to experience a refreshing feeling. Temperatures between 35-36° Celsius are usually the best choice because you can experience more peace and pleasure with the nearly warm water. Of course, this is just a suggestion, and you can find your ideal one by reducing the temperature.

Adjust the hot tub temperature during aquatic exercises and hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy and aquatic exercises have always acted as a treatment. Even many physicians believe that it accelerates the healing process of patients. Immerse body in water dilates blood vessels and strengthens blood circulation throughout the body; as a result, all organs receive oxygen-rich blood and nutrients well (for more information, see the: Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Retired Seniors). In this case, we suggest setting the hot tub’s temperature to a lower level, i.e., 36 ° C, and then increasing it slightly if you do not feel well.

Safe Swim spa temperature for different age groups

Safety is the first rule of using any piece of fitness equipment. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) determination, the ideal temperature of a hot tub should never exceed 40° Celsius, as temperatures 41° C and above can cause heatstroke and other physical injuries. Keep in mind that the safe spa temperature range is different for other age groups; here are some ones:

  • Safe hot tub temperature for Children
    If your children using the hot tub, you must take safety advice seriously. The maximum temperature suitable for children is 35 ° Celsius and less, so the water temperature should not be too hot. Besides, do not allow children to stay in the spa for more than 15 minutes in this temperature range.
  • Safe hot tub temperature for Adults
    If you suffer from any health problems, especially heart problems, consult your doctor before using the hot tub. Your doctor may diagnose that you should soak in a hot tub at a lower than standard temperature. Another thing for consideration is that you should always try to keep your body hydrated when using any spas (swim spa, plunge pool, spa), and always put a bottle of water near your place. If you had an Open-heart surgery or a heart pacemaker, we recommend never soak in a hot tub without asking your doctor.
  • Safe hot tub temperature during pregnancy
    If you are pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor before using a hot tub. Never set the hot tub water temperature above 37 ° C and limit the time you spend in a spa even lower than average.

Using a spa can be a great way to relax and improve your lifestyle. While providing standard spas, Beta Wellness also emphasizes the proper use of spas because, in addition to the hot tubs facilities, the way the spa is set up can make a huge difference in your soaking experience. If you need more information on setting Hot Tubs or looking to know more about different models, our team always welcomes you. CONTACT US NOW!