In Ground Pool Installation Process

Step 1

To start with the whole area must be clear for the work to begin.

Step 2

Digging starts to create a pit, then concrete is put down as a base.

Step 3

To make sure the pit walls are strong, concrete blocks are added for reinforcement.

Step 4

As the pool would need to be brought over the house to get into the pit a crane was used.

Step 5

Working together the crane team and our engineers carefully and successfully lower the pool into the pit.

Step 6

Once in the engineers make sure everything is level and in place.

Step 7

Joists for the decking are put into position ready for the timber to be laid on top.

Step 8

Once the decking is laid, the runners for the sliding covers are added, then the cover itself.

Step 9

The next step is making the top of the cover match the rest of the deck.

Step 10

Decking almost finish, the changing rooms ready for exterior cladding and glazing.

Step 11

Final checks before the timber is fitted to cover the concrete blocks for a smart look.

Step 12

Everything working great, and the changing area glazed and looking fantastic.

Step 13

There we are a perfect decking, beautiful sliding cover, brilliant in ground swim spa and stunning changing facilities.